1 Stripe = 2 strips = 12 scanlines

The following image is a mosaic of a region of the sky 2.5 degrees on a side. Two separate sweeps of the sky (called Run 32 and Run 36) were made on successive nights with the 2.5-meter telescope and its mosaic camera. The 6 columns of CCDs in the camera collect data from 6 scanlines on the sky separated by small gaps. By offseting the telescope a small amount between the two runs, the scanlines from the two runs can be interleaved as indicated by the headings in the table to form a seamless map of a complete section of the sky.

Click on any portion of the mosaic to see a zoomed-in view in the frame below.

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Run 32 Run 36 Run 32 Run 36 Run 32 Run 36 Run 32 Run 36 Run 32 Run 36 Run 32 Run 36
Col 1 Col 1 Col 2 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 4 Col 4 Col 5 Col 5 Col 6 Col 6

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