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Document Control System for the
SDSS Engineering Effort at Fermilab

A document control system has been implemented to manage the release and control of engineering documents generated by Fermilab personnel, for mechanical systems associated with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) 2.5-m telescope.  Such systems include the telescope motion control system, the telescope interlock system,  the Fiber Mapper system, instrument handling equipment, and miscellaneous other assemblies such as telescope brakes, alignment clamps, etc.   Controlled engineering documents include mechanical drawings, electrical schematics, logic diagrams, and electronic board layouts.

The Fermilab Drawing Control System (DCS) database is used to maintain an electronic inventory of these documents. The DCS database is managed by the Fermilab Computing Division. The database assigns a unique number to each document and maintains electronic copies of the document for future access.  Documents are stored in their native file format and on occassion, also in .DXF format.  Access to the DCS is controlled.

The release of mechanical drawings associated with the above-mentioned systems is controlled through the Fermilab Technical Division's (TD) Design & Drafting Group.  New drawings are released under the TD Engineering Release (ER) program.  Changes to existing drawings are controlled under the TD Engineering Change Order (ECO) program.  Hard copies of each released drawing are maintained by the TD Design & Drafting Group.  Hard copies of released drawings are distributed to individuals listed on the SDSS drawing distribution list. Requests to be added to the distribution list for SDSS drawings should be made to Bill Boroski.

For more information on the Drawing Control System and on the ER/ECO distribution systems, please visit the following sites:

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