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MCP Keystroke Commands

Charlie Briegel
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

The following keystrokes can be executed from the MCP Menu program.
Keystroke Command
AMP Reset
+/-  Alignment Clamp Close/Open
B/C Brake Enable/Disable
D Destination Position
O Offset Position
Set Velocity
A AdjCnt Position
M Move to Position
G Gang Az+Alt Move
S(state) *(running) Stop, Estop, Abort
K Positive Motion Direction
J Negative Motion Direction
S Stop Motion
H Hold Motion
I Set Velocity Increment
P Set Position
F Set Fiducial
Negative Motion Direction
Spacebar Refresh Screen
A(amp) *(ok),stop-in,?(TBD)
W Move counterweight
! Move counterweight #1
@ Move counterweight #2
# Move counterweight #3
$ Move counterweight #4
% Counterweight Halt
Counterweight All
SP1 Slithead Door Toggle
) SP2 Slithead Door Toggle
{ SP1 Slithead Latch Toggle
} SP2 Slithead Latch Toggle
/ FFS Quartz Lamp Toggle
 | FFS Ne Lamp Toggle
: FFS HgCd Lamp Toggle
~ Flat Field Screen Toggle

Last modified 08/26/99

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