How do I use the MaNGA Catalog drpall File?

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The drpall file

The drpall-v1_5_4 file is a summary file from the MaNGA Data Reduction Pipeline (DRP). This table contains target and observational information (e.g., number of exposures, IFU size, identifiers), as well as galaxies properties taken from the NSA catalog, such as redshift and photometry. The datamodel for the drpall file can be found here.

Accessing the drpall file with Python

Astropy primer for working with table data

import numpy as np
from import fits

drpall ='drpall-v1_5_4.fits')
tbdata = drpall[1].data

# Print column names

Find the redshift of a galaxy:

ind = np.where(tbdata['mangaid'] == '12-193481')
print('redshift =', tbdata['nsa_redshift'][ind][0])

Accessing the drpall file with IDL

The drpall file can be read in using for example MRDFITS. This will put the data into an IDL structure.


; Print column names

Find the redshift of a galaxy:

ind = where(t.mangaid eq '12-193481')
print,'redshift =', t[ind].nsa_redshift