Accessing SSPP Parameters – SSPP

Two Output Files in SSPP

Note that the FITS files linked to below are very large as they include all DR9 products. These data are unchanged since DR9; thus they are still valid and current in DR13.

  • ssppOut (1.8 Gb) contains information on stellar parameters from individual pipes in the SSPP (datamodel). Among the various parameters, it is mostly recommended to use the adopted Teff, log g, and [Fe/H] unless one wants to use the parameters from a specific method for a very good reason. These are named “TEFF_ADOP”, “LOGG_ADOP”, and “FEH_ADOP”, respectively, in the data model.
  • ssppOut_lineindex (2.2 Gb) includes line index measurements for various atomic and molecular lines (datamodel).
  • These data are also all available through CASJobs.