MaNGA Firefly Stellar Populations

CAS: mangaFirefly
Daniel Thomas, Daniel Goddard, Claudia Maraston, Taniya Parikh, Jianhui Lian, Johan Comparat, Sofia Meneses-Goytia, Violeta Perez-Gonzalez, Kyle Westfall

The MaNGA Firefly Stellar Populations value added catalog is based on the MaNGA data analysis pipeline (DAP; Westfall et al. in prep) output and extends through stellar population model fitting. It complements the DAP by providing higher-order and model-based data products, using the FIREFLY spectral fitting code. Included in this catalog are basic galaxy information properties (e.g., galaxy ID, galaxy mass), global parameters (e.g., central age), gradient parameters (e.g., age gradient) and spatially resolved quantities (e.g., 2-D age maps). Examples of analysis of Firefly stellar populations can be found in e.g. Goddard et al. (2017b).