Multi-wavelength properties of XMM-Slew Survey AGN

Andrea Merloni, Antonis Georgakakis, Agnese Del Moro, Mara Salvato, Tom Dwelly, Kirpal Nandra, Johan Comparat, Damien Coffey

We present multi-wavelength characterization of a highly complete sample of point-like sources from the XMMSlew Survey, over the area covered by the SEQUELS and eBOSS DR14 surveys. We provide information about X-ray properties of the sources, as well as of their counterparts at longer wavelength (optical, infra-red, radio) identified first in the All-WISE IR catalog via a Bayesian cross-matching algorithm. We complement this with dedicated visual inspection of the SDSS spectra, providing accurate redshift estimates (with objective confidence levels) and source classification, beyond the standard eBOSS pipeline results.