Data Access

The MaNGA spectroscopic data, from raw files to fully processed data cubes, can be accessed from the SDSS Science Archive Server (SAS). You can browse through the pages and download files individually through a web browser, or automate the downloads via the rsync command (see examples below). For a guide to what each of these files are, see the Data Model pages. For a guide on how to open the DRP output files and extract the data, see the How Do I Look At My Data tutorial.

There are also MaNGA catalog files (discussed at the bottom of this page) which have summary information for the MaNGA targets.

DRP 3D Output Files (Fully reduced data)

Final reduced data are stored on a per-galaxy basis in the ‘stack’ subdirectory for each plate:[PLATE]/stack/

where [PLATE] refers to the specific SDSS plate which includes the desired galaxy. You can download either cubes or RSS files (find the difference between these here), both with either linear or logarithmic wavelength spacing:

RSS files:


Cube files:


Here, [IFUDESIGN] refers to the specific IFU number (e.g. 12703 is the 3rd 127-fiber IFU for a given plate). For a given object, both [PLATE] and [IFUDESIGN] can be found in the drpall file.

Files can be easily downloaded using the rsync command. Rsync is a software tool that can be used for copying files from one host to another, keeping them synchronized. In Linux, just type the rsync command in the command line of your terminal.

Example 1) To download the data cube with logarithmically spaced wavelengths for MaNGA object 12-193481 (PLATE-IFU = 7443-12703), run:

rsync -avz rsync:// [LOCAL_PATH]

Example 2) To download all plates in DR14 to the current working directory, but include only the /stack subdirectories containing the manga*LOGCUBE.fits.gz files:

rsync -aLrvz --include "*/" --include "manga*LOGCUBE.fits.gz" --exclude "*" rsync:// [LOCAL PATH]

Example 3) If you have a subsample of galaxies for which you want to download data, you can generate a list of paths in a text file, e.g.:

and then forward that to “wget”:

wget -i [path to file list] ./

Note the slightly different paths between this example and those using rsync above.

Raw Data

Description of the raw data.

Raw data files can be accessed in[MJD]/

Individual files follow the format:


[CAMERA] refers to which camera was used (b1, b2, r1, or r2) and [EXPNUM] is the number (8 digits) corresponding to a given exposure

Intermediate DRP Output Files

Description of the intermediate DRP output files
Intermediate reduced data are stored in per-exposure files in MJD subdirectories for each plate. They can be found in[PLATE]/[MJD]/

The file format is:


[SPEC] is which spectrograph (sp1 or sp2) and [LIN/LOG] is whether the wavelength spacing is linear or logarithmic.

Catalog Files

Summary information about all MaNGA targets is given in the drpall file. This catalog can be downloaded, or queried using CASjobs.