HI-MaNGA Data Release 1

Karen Masters, David Stark, Zach Pace, Frederika Phipps, Wiphu Rujopakarn, Nattida Samanso

HI-MaNGA is a program of HI (21cm neutral hydrogen) followup of MaNGA galaxies. Knowledge of the total HI content of MaNGA galaxies is valuable for many science cases, and will also provide targets for additional proposals for resolved HI followup, however many MaNGA targets are too far North to fall into large public blind HI surveys (e.g. the Northern limit of ALFALFA is Dec = 36 deg , Haynes et al. 2018)

We have been awarded filler time on the Robert C. Bryd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) for single dish HI followup of MaNGA galaxies and to date have been allocated 192.5 hours in the 2016 observing season (under GBT16A_095) and 1079 hours in 2017 (under GBT17A_012).

In this value added catalog we release data from the first year of observing (AGBT16A_095). This release is documented in Masters et al. (2019), and is the result of observations of 331 MaNGA galaxies with GBT.

A further ~1800 MaNGA targets have been observed in 2017 (under proposal code GBT17A_012), and will be released with a future SDSS-IV data release (Stark et al. in prep.).

Update July 2019: Masters et al. (2019) also provide a cross match of the DR15 MaNGA sample with the final ALFALFA data release. This includes information on MaNGA galaxies detected by ALFALFA (measurements as documented here), and also an rms reported for non-detections at the sky location and optical redshift of MaNGA galaxies in the ALFALFA footprint. This DR15-ALFALFA matched catalog will be added to a future SDSS data release, but for now is available here, with the datamodel available here.