Dwarf Galaxies with MaNGA


Photo of Mariana Cano Díaz
Mariana Cano Díaz
Institute of Astronomy - UNAM


This ancillary project intends to extend the MaNGA sample to low mass galaxies (< 109 M) in different environments.

Finding Targets

An object whose MANGA_TARGET3 or MNGTARG3 value includes one or more of the bitmasks in the following table was targeted for spectroscopy as part of this ancillary target program. See SDSS bitmasks to learn how to use these values to identify objects in this ancillary target program.

Program (bit name) Bit number Target Description
DWARF 14 Dwarf galaxy


Due to the low amount of samples of dwarf galaxies observed with Integral Field Units, in this ancillary project we propose to extend the original MaNGA sample to masses lower than 109 M. Our main motivation is to have a sample of dwarf galaxies that belong to different environments (central/satellites) to study their inner structure, kinematics and composition in both tracers; stars and gas. This analyses will help us to perform studies that may help to implement probes for the current cosmological paradigm, as well for alternative models (Pérez et al., 2013; Rodriguez-Puebla et al., 2013; Trujillo-Gomez et al., 2013; Valenzuela et al., 2007; Weinberg et al., 2013).

Target Selection

We built the mother sample from the Geha et al. (2012) catalogue, selecting the galaxies with masses lower than 109 M and, from those, selecting objects that could be detected at least to 1.5 or 2.5 effective radii with the MaNGA observing setup. We selected targets randomly from different environments (isolated/satellites) ensuring to have in the end a final sample that is representative for various environments. The environment was characterised by the distance from the dwarf galaxy to its closest bright neighbour (provided by Geha et al. 2012).


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