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A photo of an art exhibit showing colored squares (orange, green, red, yellow) with lines superiposed (blue, green, pink) representing spectral lines

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey names its first artist in residence

Art meets science as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has officially appointed its first artist in residence.

Tim Fitzpatrick, an installation artist from Fife, Scotland, will continue his ongoing work in his new official capacity, bringing his unique perspective to an already-rich collaboration.

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The long and short of it: Iron-rich stars host shorter-period planets

Astronomers with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) have learned that the chemical composition of a star can exert unexpected influence on its planetary system — a discovery made possible by an ongoing SDSS survey of stars seen by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, and one that promises to expand our understanding of how extrasolar planets form and evolve.

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