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A blue galaxy is being drawn into a red galaxy, initiating a red geyser.

Supermassive Black Holes Cause Galactic Warming

For most of their lives, galaxies are lush environments for turning gas into stars. Until they aren’t. Over the last few billion years, a mysterious kind of “galactic warming” has turned huge numbers of galaxies into deserts devoid of fresh young stars.

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A red star surrounded by many brown dwarfs

An Oasis in the Brown Dwarf Desert – Astronomers Surprised, Relieved

A new paper published this month in The Astronomical Journal by astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) reports a wellspring of new brown dwarf stellar companions, throwing cold water on the entire idea of the “brown dwarf desert,” the previously mystifying lack of these sub-stellar objects around stars.

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Stars in Our Galaxy Move Far From Home

When it comes to our galaxy, home is where the star is. Scientists with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) have created a new map of the Milky Way and determined that 30 percent of stars have dramatically changed their orbits.

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