ELG Fisher selection catalog

Timothée Delubac, Anand Raichoor, Johan Comparat, Stéphanie Jouvel, Jean-Paul Kneib, Christophe Yèche, Hu Zou, Joel R. Brownstein, Filipe B. Abdalla, Kyle S. Dawson, Adam D. Myers, Jeffrey A. Newman, William J. Percival, Francisco Prada, Ashley J. Ross, Donald P. Schneider, Xu Zhou, Z. Zhou, Guangtun Zhu

Catalogs of photometrically-selected emission line galaxies (ELGs) at z ≈ 0.8. The catalogs are obtained using the griW and UgrizW Fisher selections defined in Raichoor et al. (2016), as described in Delubac et al. (2017). The griW catalog is based on SDSS g,r, and i band photometries as well as WISE W1 photometry. It covers both the South Galactic Cap (SGC) and the North Galactic Cap (NGC) of the SDSS footprint. The UgrizW catalog also include SDSS z band and SCUSS U band photometries. It is limited to the SGC.