Portsmouth Stellar Kinematics and Emission Line Fluxes

CAS: emissionLinesPort
D. Thomas, O. Steele, C. Maraston, J. Johansson, A. Beifiori, J. Pforr, G. Strömbäck, C. A. Tremonti, D. Wake, D. Bizyaev, A. Bolton, H. Brewington, J. R. Brownstein, J. Comparat, J.-P. Kneib, E. Malanushenko, V. Malanushenko, D. Oravetz, K. Pan, J. K. Parejko, D. P. Schneider, A. Shelden, A. Simmons, S. Snedden, M. Tanaka, B. A. Weaver, R. Yan

The Portsmouth stellar kinematics and emission-line flux measurements of Thomas et al. (2013) are based on adaptations of the publicly available codes Penalized PiXel Fitting (pPXF, Cappellari & Emsellem 2004) and Gas and Absorption Line Fitting code (GANDALF v1.5; Sarzi et al. 2006) to calculate stellar kinematics and to derive emission line properties. GANDALF fits stellar population and Gaussian emission line templates to the galaxy spectrum simultaneously to separate stellar continuum and absorption lines from the ionized gas emission. Stellar kinematics are evaluated by pPXF where the line-of-sight velocity distribution is fitted directly in pixel space. The code further determines the kinematics of the gas (velocity and velocity dispersion) and measures emission line fluxes and equivalent widths (EWs) on the resulting Gaussian emission line template.