GEMA-VAC: Galaxy Environment for MaNGA Value Added Catalog

Maria Argudo-Fernandez, Daniel Goddard, Daniel Thomas, Zheng Zheng, Lihwai Lin, Ting Xiao, Fangting Yuan, Jianhui Lian, et al

The environment in which a galaxy resides plays an important role in its formation and evolution. Galaxies suffer intrinsic and secular evolution processes (i.e. nature processes), but they are also exposed to the influences of their local and large-scale environments (i.e. nurture processes). This value added catalog contains several quantifications of the environment for MaNGA galaxies, based on the methods described in Argudo-Fernández et al. (2015), as well as Etherington & Thomas (2015) and Wang et al. (2016). The GEMA-VAC catalog will be described in more detail in Argudo-Fernádez et al. (in prep.).