The astroNN catalog of abundances, distances, and ages for APOGEE DR16 stars

Henry Leung, Jo Bovy, Ted Mackereth

This value-added catalog contains the results from applying the astroNN deep-learning code to APOGEE DR16 spectra to determine stellar parameters, individual stellar abundances (Leung & Bovy 2019a), distances (Leung & Bovy 2019b), and ages (Mackereth et al. 2019). In addition, properties of the orbits in the Milky Way such as eccentricities, peri/apocenter radii, maximal disk height z, orbital actions, frequencies and angles (and their uncertainties) for all stars are computed using the fast method of Mackereth & Bovy (2018) assuming the MWPotential2014 gravitational potential from Bovy (2015). The scripts used to make this catalog are available on GitHub here.

The data file is row-matched to the allStar for easy access to the regular catalog data for each object. A previous version of this VAC contained a small number of special targets that were assigned incorrect IDs (see this page). Make sure that you use the most recent version of this VAC, which is apogee_astroNN-DR16-v1.fits.