How to Cite SDSS

If you have used public SDSS data in your paper, please cite the following papers describing the instruments, survey, and data analysis as appropriate:

Please cite the relevant survey description(s):

the Sloan Foundation 2.5-meter Telescope description:

the relevant Data Release Paper:

  • Ahn et al. 2014 (Data Release 10) is the most recent Data Release paper, but please cite the appropriate paper for the Data Release used for your download.

and the relevant instrumentation paper(s):

In addition, the appropriate SDSS acknowledgment(s) for the survey and data releases that were used should be included in the Acknowledgments section:

For reference, a more extensive list of technical SDSS papers that it may be appropriate to cite is available at the Technical Publications page of SDSS-III. In particular, this list includes papers that describe the target selection algorithms for the different SDSS spectroscopic surveys and the methods that have been used to extract physical quantities such as classifications, photometry, astronometry, redshifts, and stellar parameters from the survey data.