Planning is underway for the future of SDSS. As part of this process, the Steering Committee for “After SDSS-IV” has solicited proposals for scientific programs and their corresponding infrastructure/instrumentation needs, as well as future data management and archiving to ensure the enduring legacy of SDSS. After extensive review of these proposals the Steering Committee has made recommendations for a Next Generation Survey.

The report of the Steering Committee including envisaged Next Steps and Recommendations is available here: Report & Recommendations

A call will be held on Thursday December 15th and on Wednesday December 21st at 11AM PST for anyone interested in learning more about our recommendations.

For those unable to attend either of the calls, feel free to contact members of the Steering Committee with your questions.

The Steering Committee Membership is:

Juna Kollmeier (Carnegie Observatories, Chair)
Conny Aerts (KU Leuven/Radboud)
Scott Anderson (UW)
Matthew Bershady (University of Wisconsin)
Michael Blanton (NYU)
Daniel Eisenstein (Harvard)
Dani Maoz (TAU)
Hans­Walter Rix (MPIA)
Connie Rockosi: (UC Santa Cruz)
David Weinberg (Ohio State)
Bruce Gillespie (ARC, Ex­Officio)
Rene Walterbos (ARC, Ex­Officio)