Value Added Catalogs

In addition to the primary SDSS photometry and spectroscopy, there are a few extra catalogs created by our collaborators that are distributed through the SAS. These Value-Added Catalogs (VACs) are listed below, and include catalogs that were released in earlier data releases.

MaNGA Pipe3D value added catalog: Spatially resolved and integrated properties of galaxies for DR17

Alternative Pipeline Catalog

Catalog containing stellar population and emission line properties (integrated, characteristic and gradients) for DR17 MaNGA galaxies, as measured by the IFU analysis code Pipe3D.

S.F.Sanchez and the IA-MaNGA team

Catalog Data

This dataset appears in DR17 SkyServer and CasJobs in the following tables:


Pipe3D is an IFU focused analysis pipeline that provides intermediate dataproducts extracted from the datacubes in an automatic way focused on both the stellar population and the ionized gas properties. The details of the pipeline were presented in Sanchez et al. 2016a; 2016b, showing some examples based on CALIFA and P-MaNGA datasets, and in Sanchez et al. 2018 for MaNGA DR14. Further modifications adopted in the analysis of MaNGA DR17, in particular the use of the python version of the pipeline (pyPipe3D), are described in Sanchez et al. 2022. This VAC for MaNGA DR17 comprises of a table including the integrated (cumulative properties), characteristic (values at the effective radius), and gradients of different quantities, including stellar mass, star-formation (and their densisities), oxygen and nitrogen abundances, dust attenuation, estimated gas density, stellar and gas velocity dispersions. Further more the dataset includes four datacubes that comprises the spatial resolved properties required to recover the star-formation histories, the average properties of the stellar populations, the emission line properties for 192 strong and weak emission lines (including the former ones together with the EW of the lines), and the most frequently used stellar indices, as described in the previous articles. For each galaxy we provide these four datacubes packed together as extensions in a single FITS file. In addition, the original header of the corresponding MaNGA datacube has been included as the first extension to keep track of the original dataset and in particular of the WCS (that it is shared between the different extensions). We recommend that you always use the latest updated catalog (DR17), but previous versions of the MaNGA Pipe3D value added catalog are still available. The DR15 version can be accessed on the SAS here, and the DR14 version is available here. Data models are available here: note that the format of the VAC files has changed between DR15 and DR17.

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