Planet Hosts

Image shows the TESS satellite with star and planets.
Artist rendition of the TESS satellite (Image Credit NASA)

The Planet Host program is a follow-up program for the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission with the goal of creating a uniform catalog of stellar characteristics and elemental abundances derived from APOGEE spectra, so that we can compare stars with and without TESS Objects of Interest (TOIs). The program selects stars from the TESS mission with light curves taken with the 2-minute cadence during the nominal 2-year mission. Those 2-min cadence stars that host TOIs or Community TOIs (CTOIs) are given higher priority.


The sole carton in DR18, mwm_tess_planet, is selected by creating a catalog of 2-min, TOI, and CTOI targets. Thus the selected stars have a profile similar to those in the TESS Input Catalog (TIC) (Stassun et al. 2019). The 2-min targets came from sectors 1 through 32 which were downloaded from: on 11/24/2020.

The TOI targets come from two sources. The first source was the MIT website ( and included data from sectors 1 through 29. It was also downloaded on 11/24/2020. The second source was the Exoplanet Follow-up Observing Program (ExoFOP) website ( which was also downloaded on 11/24/2020 and included sectors 1 through 21. The CTOI also come from the ExoFOP website.

Planet Host Carton in Targeting Generation v0.5.3

The carton in this program uses 2MASS H-band magnitudes

  • mwm_test_planet
    • 7 < H < 12
    • Candidate in 2-min, TOI, CTOI catalogs described above


Targets are assigned a cadence based on their H magnitude to achieve a signal-to-noise of at least 80.

    \[ N = \frac{60 min}{15 min} \times (80^2 / 100^2) \times 10^{(0.4 \times (Hmag-11)} \]

Number of exposures = N rounded to the nearest integer.

The minimum number of exposures is 1 and the maximum 6, so the full list of cadences is:

  • bright_1x1
  • bright_1x2
  • bright_1x3
  • bright_1x4
  • bright_1x5
  • bright_1x6
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